We all love warm vacation spots as most people soak up the sun and spend idle time on the beaches. But, when it comes cold or winter vacation spots, you would find a few who would say – We love to shed down the side of a mountain with fresh powder or we love ice-skating on an icy pond or a lake. In addition to this, people actually can keep themselves hydrated in the heat or hot weather by drinking water and fresh juices.

However, you cannot just say – ‘well, cold weather is my favorite’ because compared to a hot weather condition, it is tough to handle a cold climate. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the 10 coldest countries in the world to make sure you know where things are tough!


Coldest Countries In The WorldTechnically, Antarctica is not a country but it will always be first on the list of the coldest places. The temperature here can go down minus 100 degrees, making the place unlivable.


Coldest Countries In The WorldKazakhstan is a neighboring country of Russia, meaning it is as cold as Russia. Sometimes the temperature goes down brutally and if you live in the high and elevated places of the country, you will experience never-seen-before cold climate in Kazakhstan.


Coldest Countries In The WorldRussia is located in the northern part of Europe and it’s famous for its awful and chilly temperature. You can’t even escape the cold in the summer as the temperature can sometimes go under 0 degrees as well.


Coldest Countries In The WorldGreenland is an icy layered country where people are used to with not having a summer season. The name of this country contradicts with its weather. People here wear hot clothes all year round to make sure they are not frozen in the cold.


Coldest Countries In The WorldCanada is another country where the temperature is low, making it a cold country. Geographically, Canada is located in the northern part of the world in which the climate is not rosy. Sometimes, the temperature here will go down minus 40 degrees.

The United States

Coldest Countries In The WorldThe USA is also a cold country where some of the states are chilly as Greenland or Antarctica. High elevated places such as Colorado are downright snowy and cold. Additionally, states like Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, etc. have an extremely low temperature.


Coldest Countries In The WorldEven though Iceland is not as cold as Greenland, but it would be foolish to underestimate the coldness of this county. Sometimes the temperature here will reach minus 0 degrees, meaning that you have to withstand the adverse weather.


Coldest Countries In The WorldFinland is an icy and a cold country where the usual temperature in the winter season is well below minus 20 degrees. With heavy snowfall and fast winds, you can expect freezing climate in the winter season


Coldest Countries In The WorldEstonia is not as cold as other cold countries. But, there will be year-round rain, bringing cold temperatures and cloudy atmospheres.


Coldest Countries In The WorldThe last country on our list is Mongolia where the temperature is minus 20 degrees. People living in Mongolia always wear extra warm clothes to make sure they are frozen in the winter season.

Bottom Line

If you have read this far, you now know the top 10 coldest countries in the world. Yeah, it’s true that each of the above countries is cold and freezing, but you can also enjoy the snow and other good things in a cold weather. So, let us know if we have missed something by commenting below.


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