Best Cities to Visit In SpainBarcelona is an iconic city in Spain where everything is vibrant. From delectable food to pulsating nightlife, Barcelona is famous for its football team as well. The beating heart of the city is La Rambla in which you will see many restaurants and shopping malls. Not to mention, you can go through La Rambla and reach the medieval Gothic Quarter, which is a must-see attraction in the city. Here, you will discover various churches, palm-tree filled plazas, and narrow streets. In addition to these things, you have to go to Gaudi’s legendary La Sagrada Familia Basilica. Since 1882, the architecture has been in construction and the entire work will be finished in 2041.


Best Cities to Visit In SpainToledo is a compelling city with a diverse culture and fascinating monuments. In fact, this city is known as the city where Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities have lived for a long time. During the middle ages, people used to call Toledo as the city of three cultures.’ As a result of these cultural heritages, Toledo has different monuments such as mosques, churches, palaces, fortresses, and synagogues. In 1986, Toledo got recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site and since then, the city has been an open air museum, earning global reputation. You will see the entire city is surrounded by River Tajo on three sides. You can even explore the city on foot as its small city rich history.


Best Cities to Visit In SpainSeville is the frying pan of Spain where the temperature is hot, making it a sultry destination for many tourists. With Moorish architecture, ancient streets, and animated sights, Seville is one of the famous cities of Spain. Here, the Andalusia is the capital, which is revered for flamenco, orange trees, and tapas bars. If you want your stay exciting and memorable, you must go to the Cathedral of Saint Mary, the Alcázar palace, and Plaza de Espana. Each of the attraction or establishment will give you different experiences.


Best Cities to Visit In SpainThe city of Valencia is an elegant city with modern architecture and excellent museums. If you love history and culture, then you can head towards La Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange), Mercado Cathedrals, and the Museo de Bellas Artes and witness history and culture wholeheartedly. Each of them is UNESCO listed sites, making them more prominent in the eyes of the tourists. With long lunch and dinner, Valencia is renowned for its foods, especially for its gourmet cuisine and rice dishes such as the paella. In fact, this city is surrounded by fertile farmlands as well, making it an ideal place for growing fruits and vegetables.


Best Cities to Visit In SpainSalamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of finest cities in Spain where you will see Plaza Mayor, an elegant city square in the country. Both the tourists and locals cannot ignore the Plaza as it has been illuminated at night, drawing attraction from everybody. The Salamanca University is the reason why the city has so many youth population. Formed in 1218, you must visit the establishment to experience the third oldest university in Europe. Even the architecture of the building is awe-inspiring and it is made of local sandstone, acquiring a soft glow and the moniker: the ‘Golden City.’

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above mentioned cities are wonderful. Each of the city features a unique culture, glowing history, and excellent monuments. So, let us know if we have missed any city by commenting below.

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