7 Best Hotels In Bilbao

In this article, we are going to talk about the best hotels in Bilbao to let you know where you can stay and enjoy the scenic beauties of this city. So, let’s move forward and read the article carefully.


Best Hotels In BilbaoAristondo is 15 minutes away from San Sebastian on Monte Igueldo. This is a rural farmhouse hideaway where you will be able to experience natural views and breathtaking sightseeing. In fact, the owners of this hotel are devotee of organic farming and you will get expert advice on hiking trails. In that way, you will surely enjoy hiking from this hotel while at the same time; the endless culinary offerings will make your stay exciting.


Best Hotels In BilbaoArtetxe is located on the heights of Artxanda and this hotel features perfect environment for young tourists. With excellent value and awesome tranquil surroundings, the Artetxe hotel is blessed with green hills and meadows. Not to mention, the weather is another feature that you will love wholeheartedly. With fresh air and peaceful county music, this farmhouse establishment will offer different nearby restaurants as well where you can eat meat or fish cooked dishes.

Astoria7 Hotel

Best Hotels In BilbaoAstoria7 Hotel is a movie-themed hotel in which the locals and tourists are left in awe. With thousands DVDs, featuring great shows and movies, the hotel has a beautifully decorated lobby where many autographs of famous people have been in place. All the rooms are decorated with modern-day amenities. They are in fact, named after celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Audrey Hepburn, etc.

Barceló Bilbao Nervión

Best Hotels In BilbaoThe Barceló Bilbao Nervión is a 3-star hotel, which is located just north of the city center of Bilbao. Each year, tourists from all over the world come to this place and enjoy the serene environment. In addition, this hotel is near to many tourist attractions like the Guggenheim Museum. You can reach these attractions by foot. With 348 rooms, there are several accommodation alternatives for the guests. If you prefer non-smoking rooms with handicapped access to the rooms, you can get it here easily. All the amenities are contemporary including air conditioner, mini-bar, and satellite television. All the bathrooms have shower or hair or bath dryer. The ground floor features the hotel lobby where you will have access to free Wi-Fi. Besides, you will be able to enjoy different services such as laundry service, parking facility, and room service as well. As for the dining option, there is a cafeteria, a restaurant, and a piano bar.

Melia Bilbao

Best Hotels In BilbaoThe Melia Bilbao is a award-wining hotel where the guest can enjoy high-quality accommodation facility and world-class dining options. All the rooms are contemporary with flat-screen TV, mini-bar, Wi-Fi, and well-groomed design. The amenities include an outdoor or indoor pool with a business center, meeting rooms, fitness rooms, a spa, sauna, and mountain views. If you want to eat the best foods at Melia Bilbao, just visit the Aizian, which is an award-wining restaurant of Melia Bilbao. In addition to this restaurant, there is another restaurant – Quatre where the guest will be served a wide range of Basque dishes. Last but not the least; the hotel has 18 conference rooms where you can host business meetings, seminars, and conferences simultaneously. Each room has a capacity of accommodating 850 people at once.

Occidental Bilbao

Best Hotels In BilbaoWith 201 rooms, the Occidental Bilbao is equipped with modern-day amenities, making your stay comfortable and relaxing. There are also handicapped rooms and separate smoking rooms. The dining option includes a restaurant – Sarasate. Here, you will get to eat the best and the finest local dishes along with Mediterranean cuisine.

Sercotel Hotel Gran Bilbao

Best Hotels In BilbaoThe last hotel on our list is the Sercotel Hotel Gran Bilbao. It is located just 10 minutes away from the Seven Streets, a historic and famous place where people enjoy the local culture in abundance. If you choose to stay at this hotel, you will remain in a strategic location from where you can easily reach the airport or the highway. In fact, there are smooth routes for bus, trams, and subway network as well. When it comes to the accommodation facility, the hotel features 202 cozy and spacious rooms where you will have everything from free Wi-Fi to modern-day bathroom. The services of the hotel include a restaurant, a bar, a business center, customized rooms for disable guests, a gym and fitness center, and private parking system. The hotel also features 1800 square meters of meeting and conference rooms with an amazing auditorium for 285 guests.


To conclude we would like to point out that Bilbao is a grand city in Spain where millions of people come every year. In that sense, it is very normal to have these wonderful hotels in this kind of place. So, let us know if we have missed any hotel by commenting below.


Difference Between A Slow Cooker And A Pressure Cooker

Everyone enjoys eating delicious, homemade food. But, how many of us really have the time to prepare good, TASTY food. We are in minority I guess. Let the Slow or Pressure Cooker do all the heavy work for us.

Both slow cookers and pressure cookers save time and effort when preparing a meal. They are designed for almost unattended home cooking and cook the same kind of food but in a different way.

Slow cookers are intended for a low-temperature cooking over a long period of time. Pressure cookers function in the quite opposite way. They speed up cooking time by using higher temperatures.

Slow Cooker

Difference Between A Slow Cooker And A Pressure CookerHow does a Slow Cooker work?

In a slow cooker, food is covered with a lid and you can make adjustments to the temperature, choosing between low and high to ensure the meal finishes. A slow cooker is heated from the bottom and spreads the moist heat towards the base. The heat is then directed to the sides of the vessel to heat the food within. Depending on a recipe, cooking times may range from 35 minutes to 6 hours.

What to cook in a Slow Cooker?

Generally, for many dishes, you can just toss all the ingredients in a cooker at the same time and walk away. The principle relates to almost everything be it soups and stews or curries, roasts, vegetables, bread and even your favorite cakes. For some dishes which have the onions as a base, it would be smart to cook them beforehand. The same goes for browning meat but is not essential.

Best Slow Cooker dishes:

Slow cooker advantages:

  • You can save on meat since slow cooker produces a meaty flower that overpowers the flavor of the meal.
  • Since it’s naturally filled with moisture heat in the process of cooking you don’t have to add oil to avoid contents catching to the vessel.
  • Its firmly sealed lid prevents the liquid from evaporating.

How long to cook foods in a slow cooker?

It usually takes double time on Low and four times longer on High to cook a meal when compared to conventional cooking methods.

Pressure Cooker

Difference Between A Slow Cooker And A Pressure CookerA pressure cooker is highly efficient in terms of time and money. Due to its quick cooking, it uses less energy than conventional cooking appliances. Pressure cookers utilize steam heat and pressure to cook meals even 10 times faster! There is pressure cooker buyer’s guide where you can get the best pick from the available units.

How does a Pressure Cooker work?

A pressure cooker is an airtight cooking pot meaning that it prevents the steam to evaporate. Instead, it traps the steam i.e. vapor that liquid releases and transforms it into the pressure inside the cooker. It, in turn, raises the temperature and infuse a lot of moisture directly into the food that is being cooked. The boiling point of the cooking liquid amounts to 250°F and results in much faster cooking. It also softens the foods like tough cuts of meat.

What to Cook in a Pressure Cooker?

It is so customizable that you can cook anything you like in it. It can be your secret weapon for long-cooked rice, beans, fantastic soups, and desserts.

Best Pressure Cooker dishes:

Pressure Cooker advantages

It has the same advantages as a slow cooker plus:

  • Food prepared in it is ready in around a third of the usual time
  • Quick cooking cuts down your energy bills
  • Fewer minerals and vitamin loss

Even though these two cookers work at a different speed and have different characteristics you don’t have to choose between them. The good news is that modern electric pressure cookers have a slow cooker function two. So if you are in two minds you can have them both to fit your needs.