Everyone enjoys eating delicious, homemade food. But, how many of us really have the time to prepare good, TASTY food. We are in minority I guess. Let the Slow or Pressure Cooker do all the heavy work for us.

Both slow cookers and pressure cookers save time and effort when preparing a meal. They are designed for almost unattended home cooking and cook the same kind of food but in a different way.

Slow cookers are intended for a low-temperature cooking over a long period of time. Pressure cookers function in the quite opposite way. They speed up cooking time by using higher temperatures.

Slow Cooker

Difference Between A Slow Cooker And A Pressure CookerHow does a Slow Cooker work?

In a slow cooker, food is covered with a lid and you can make adjustments to the temperature, choosing between low and high to ensure the meal finishes. A slow cooker is heated from the bottom and spreads the moist heat towards the base. The heat is then directed to the sides of the vessel to heat the food within. Depending on a recipe, cooking times may range from 35 minutes to 6 hours.

What to cook in a Slow Cooker?

Generally, for many dishes, you can just toss all the ingredients in a cooker at the same time and walk away. The principle relates to almost everything be it soups and stews or curries, roasts, vegetables, bread and even your favorite cakes. For some dishes which have the onions as a base, it would be smart to cook them beforehand. The same goes for browning meat but is not essential.

Best Slow Cooker dishes:

Slow cooker advantages:

  • You can save on meat since slow cooker produces a meaty flower that overpowers the flavor of the meal.
  • Since it’s naturally filled with moisture heat in the process of cooking you don’t have to add oil to avoid contents catching to the vessel.
  • Its firmly sealed lid prevents the liquid from evaporating.

How long to cook foods in a slow cooker?

It usually takes double time on Low and four times longer on High to cook a meal when compared to conventional cooking methods.

Pressure Cooker

Difference Between A Slow Cooker And A Pressure CookerA pressure cooker is highly efficient in terms of time and money. Due to its quick cooking, it uses less energy than conventional cooking appliances. Pressure cookers utilize steam heat and pressure to cook meals even 10 times faster! There is pressure cooker buyer’s guide where you can get the best pick from the available units.

How does a Pressure Cooker work?

A pressure cooker is an airtight cooking pot meaning that it prevents the steam to evaporate. Instead, it traps the steam i.e. vapor that liquid releases and transforms it into the pressure inside the cooker. It, in turn, raises the temperature and infuse a lot of moisture directly into the food that is being cooked. The boiling point of the cooking liquid amounts to 250°F and results in much faster cooking. It also softens the foods like tough cuts of meat.

What to Cook in a Pressure Cooker?

It is so customizable that you can cook anything you like in it. It can be your secret weapon for long-cooked rice, beans, fantastic soups, and desserts.

Best Pressure Cooker dishes:

Pressure Cooker advantages

It has the same advantages as a slow cooker plus:

  • Food prepared in it is ready in around a third of the usual time
  • Quick cooking cuts down your energy bills
  • Fewer minerals and vitamin loss

Even though these two cookers work at a different speed and have different characteristics you don’t have to choose between them. The good news is that modern electric pressure cookers have a slow cooker function two. So if you are in two minds you can have them both to fit your needs.

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