Every year tourists from all over the world choose Spain as their go-to holiday destination as this county is blessed with some great cities including Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona, Bilbao, and much more. However, in this article, we are going to talk about only Bilbao, a Spanish city with industrial history and Basque culture. With outstanding art museums and contemporary architecture, the city of Bilbao is different than all other cities in Spain. So, let us find out the definitive reasons for visiting Bilbao.

Visit Bilbao

You should visit Bilbao for the following reasons:

1. For visiting the Guggenheim Museum

Why Should You Visit BilbaoThe first reason for visiting Bilbao is the Guggenheim Museum, which is one of the finest modern-day art museums in the world. Built with monumental metal structure, the museum houses some of the iconic artworks of legendary artists including Anish Kapoor, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Eduardo Chillida, and Louise Bourgeois. The Guggenheim Museum was designed by Frank Gehry, who was an American native.

2. For acquainting yourself with Basque Culture

Why Should You Visit BilbaoAs we said Bilbao is different than other cities of Spain, the Basque culture of this city makes it an even more exceptional place for tourists. People of this city speak The Basque language, featuring Basque folk songs, pintxos, countryside games, and dances around the city. If you go to the Basque Museum, you will be amazed to see more than 20,000 objects at one place. For these reasons, the Bilbao and its Basque museum are very popular among the travelers.

3. For experiencing the Pintxos

Why Should You Visit BilbaoIf you ask a Bilbao native – what is the most exceptional thing about your city? Most of them will simply say – The Pintxos. Yes! You heard us right. The pintxo is an alternative to tapas, which are tiny slices of bread with various ingredients, holding together by a cocktail stick. While entering the city, you will see loads of pintxos up for sale across the streets. Therefore, you just need to order as much as pintxos you want and experience the unique taste of this food. You should note that one pintxo will only cost you around €1-€3.

4. For exploring the contemporary architecture

Why Should You Visit BilbaoWe have already talked about how amazing the architectural design of Bilbao’s building, the city has many other extraordinary architectural design including Santiago Calatrava’s Zubizuri Bridge, Philippe Starck’s Azkuna Zentroa cultural, Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim, and the art nouveau Campos Eliseos Theatre. Many of you might have seen pictures of these feats of architecture. But, when you will see them in person, you will simply be in awe of the awesomeness of each structure.

5. For visiting the biggest European indoor food market

Why Should You Visit BilbaoBilbao is also famous for shopping. To be precise, if you go to the ‘art deco-style La Ribera Market’, it will be an exciting experience for you. The entire market consists of 10,000 square meter space with much indoor food markets including food stalls, cafes, food court, etc. you will find all types foods from cheese to cured meats, olives, and fresh fish. There are bars and restaurant with jazz music, which means you have everything to make your stay wonderful at Bilbao.

6. For trying out the best seafood dishes

Why Should You Visit BilbaoAlong with the pintxos, Bilbao is renowned for its delectable seafood dishes. The thing is if you have gone to Bilbao and never try out the seafood dishes, you will be a loser. So, you should go for the famous seafood dishes such as the bacalaopil-pil, a dish made with cod fried in garlic and olive oil, kokotxas, which includes cod or hake cheeks, and bacalao a la Vizcaína, a dish containing grilled cod with red pepper sauce, garlic, and olive oil. Not to mention you can also try txangurros or txipirones or percebes as well.

7. For discovering the Casco Viejo

Why Should You Visit BilbaoYou are at Bilbao but you haven’t seen or visited the Casco Viejo. It’s a shame! The Casco Viejo is the oldest town of Bilbao where you will see many fascinating areas including seven areas. There are small shops, churches, pretty squares, and galleries, which make the area a fitting place for every traveler. Last but not the least, the Casco Viejo features exciting sights such as the Archeological Museum, the Basque Museum, the Catedral de Santiago de Bilbao, and the Plaza Nueva.

Bottom Line

If you have come so far, you must have realized why you should visit Bilbao once in a lifetime. So, why waste time when Bilbao is there to explore? Let us know if we have missed something about Bilbao by commenting below!

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